نمایشگاه بین المللی 2024

نمایشگاه Intermat
From April 24, 2024 until April 27, 2024
پاریس - پارک نمایشگاه‌های پاریس نورد ویلپنت، فرانسه
(لطفا قبل از حضور، تاریخ و مکان را در سایت رسمی زیر بررسی کنید.)
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INTERMAT Paris Introduction

INTERMAT is the international exhibition of construction and infrastructure. 1.400 exhibitors: 5 clusters with expertise to fulfill the construction projects tomorrow. 173,300 professionals in the construction industry. INTERMAT Paris Organizers. Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the construction industry.

Sustainable construction solutions and technology exhibition.

منتشر شده در
23 اوت 2016

لورا سانچز

به روز شده در
12 ژانویه 2023.

INTERMAT is an exhibition that showcases sustainable construction solutions and technologies every three years in Paris Nord Villepinte.

INTERMAT welcomes 173,300 visitors, and 1,400 exhibitors who present equipment, materials, and solutions for civil engineering.

Download the 2018 INTERMAT Paris Fact & Figures.

1,400 exhibitors 70% non Frenchfrom 40 countries.

INTERMAT, the construction trade fair, has reorganized its sector organization to meet visitor expectations. Clearer sectors mean a more efficient visit experience. The event is organized around five activity sectors to ensure maximum clarity.

INTERMAT is home to the largest international builders contractors:.

From France: Vinci including Vinci Construction France, VINCI CONSTRUCTION TERRASSEMENT, Bouygues including BOUYGUES Construction Material, BOUYGUES Travaux Publics, Eiffage including EIFFAGE Construction Material, EIFFAGE TRAVAUX PUBLICS, FAYAT GROUP, Spie; Spie Batignolles, NGE, Charier France...

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پاریس - پارک نمایشگاه‌های پاریس نورد ویلپنت، فرانسه پاریس - پارک نمایشگاه‌های پاریس نورد ویلپنت، فرانسه


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